Elder Care and Medicaid Planning

At Street & Ellis, P.A., our skilled Dover, Delaware, elder care attorneys use their more than 40 years of experience, and dedication to personal service, to help clients with solutions to elder care, estate planning, Medicaid planning and financial planning issues.

Estate planning is one of the most important considerations in elder care. If you are in your retirement years, you want to pass on your accumulated wealth in a tax-efficient manner — to the people you choose and in the way you choose. When drafted properly, your will and trust documents can accomplish this task.

Street & Ellis, P.A., Lawyers Explain The Roles Of Medicaid Planning And Financial Planning In Elder Care

The Medicaid system is so complicated that it often remains extremely confusing, even for people who have been working with Medicaid for years. While Medicaid can provide for a wide range of needed services for elders, it is a need-based program that requires minimal income for eligibility. A key determination for many people considering Medicaid is whether they are financially eligible for the program.

Street & Ellis, P.A., lawyers help clients to create a viable financial plan that allows them to provide for their own housing and other needs on their own. Others may find that they will need Medicaid, but they need to protect their assets to ensure their spouse has the resources to provide for their own care rather than risk losing most everything to the costs of long term care. The assessments required to make these decisions are quite complex, requiring the help of an experienced elder care attorney.

We understand how complicated and intimidating these issues can be. We will represent you with skill and compassion, so that you can make the best decisions possible regarding Medicaid.

We encourage people to begin working on their financial plans as soon as possible, regardless of their age. Many people wait too long to begin seriously considering a long-term financial plan. One of the most effective ways to avoid serious estate planning and Medicare planning problems is to prepare a sound, comprehensive financial plan as early as possible.

Are you looking for estate planning, Medicare planning and long-term care planning legal advice that can benefit an elderly parent or grandparent? This is the perfect time to start preparing your own financial plan with an attorney from Street & Ellis, P.A.

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