Financial Planning

With advancing age comes an understandable anxiety about our retirement years. People worry that they might not have enough assets and property to leave behind, for some inheritance for their children and other loved ones, or to retire in a comfortable, dignified manner.

After working so hard, you should be able to live your retirement years as comfortably and as stress free as possible. The peace of mind you are seeking is just a phone call or email away — to the Street & Ellis, P.A., financial planning law firm in Dover, Delaware.

"Everyone has a financial plan. The problem is that most people's financial plan involves doing nothing and letting the government decide how their assets are distributed. I am confident that I can help you formulate a much better plan than that." — Gerald Street, financial planning attorney

More Than 40 Years Of Experience Benefiting Delaware Financial Planning Clients

At Street & Ellis, P.A., we believe that financial planning is not an isolated event. The decisions reflected in your financial plan will impact other areas of your life and finances. We see our law firm as a wheel hub, the centerpiece connecting all of the legal issues in your life.

Our knowledgeable estate planning lawyers will help you formulate a comprehensive estate plan that considers:

  • Tax planning (income tax, estate tax, gift tax)
  • Financial planning (long-term care insurance, annuities and other investment vehicles)
  • Mortgages (traditional and reverse mortgage)
  • Property interests (LLC and other entities)
  • Savings
  • Estate planning
  • Wills and trusts
  • Elder care and Medicaid planning

You might find financial planning to be confusing and intimidating, and you might not know exactly how to use your assets best for what you need. At Street & Ellis, P.A., we carefully walk you through every step of the financial planning process in language you understand, so that you can make informed long-term financial decisions.

We not only have extensive legal experience in financial planning, we also have personal experience. We have been through financial planning for ourselves and our families. We understand the challenges and complications you might be facing. We combine our knowledge and experience with compassion and a service-oriented approach that benefit you today and for years to come.

Schedule an initial consultation with Street & Ellis, P.A., to discuss your financial planning goals. Call locally at 302-724-4960 or toll free — 888-353-2314. We respond promptly to all email messages.